YOGA Nidra  5 Classes 

Inspiring, Empowering, Dynamic Classes & Workshops to encourage self exploration
Come  expand your awareness breathe deeply, do your best, notice immediate positive results.

Quantum Living Inc.

Yoga Nidra - Deep Peace Series
“Yoga Nidra is release of all doing, all effort to be anywhere but where you are. It is a subtraction of doing. In the absence of doing, you notice you are already whole.”- Yoga Nidra, The Art of Transformational Sleep
$125 for series of 5 sessions to  deepen and advance your personal resolve
Maximum 6 participants.

Are your ready for a change in your life ? Learning Reiki has many benefits including clearing energetic patterns that can keep you from experiencing your life in a graceful flow. When you are aligned with universal energy you will experience directly how it transforms all areas of your life. With Reiki training you can begin to cultivate gratitude, joy, abundance and energetic healing skills that can be useful in everyday situations. Reiki helps with, improved energy levels, deeper loving more satisfying relationships, deep peaceful and restful sleep, higher levels of prosperity, more harmony plus heightened levels of intuition. 


REIKI Master Training  

Hurry and secure your spot classes fill up fast.   Location  173A #3 Cartier, Pointe Claire Village 

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