Are you feeling that something is missing from your vitality ? 

Consider a Naturopathic Consultation to uncover the potential cause of your discomfort. 

Sometimes it can be about re-framing your emotional/mind set and or making improvements to your nutritional intake, or adjusting your lifestyle. 
Get your Vital energy back on track.  

We offer a multi level approach and get you on the right path to feeling wholesome and vibrant


Choose from ~ 

Traditional Relaxation Massage 

Osteo Approach 

Cranio Sacral 


Laser Therapy ( for chronic pain)

Sessions can be 1 hour, 1.5 hours 

or 2 hours. 

 Natural Health

Get Your Vital Energy Back 

Give your cranium a break

grow some new neurons with meditation and mindfulness. 

Get a stress buster body therapy

melt away the knots the chronic pain. Feel rejuvenated from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

Too much worry and too much stress can lead to burnout. 

Get the help you need with a guided imagery hypnosis session to soothe your mind and calm your nerves. Also good for breaking bad habits such as smoking. 

​" Where the mind goes the body follows  where the body goes the mind follows" 

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are now becoming 

evident, thanks to recent scientific research in neurobiology. 

Learn the practice to quiet the mind still the body and allow your pure being to shine.