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Inspiring, Empowering, Dynamic Classes & Workshops to encourage self exploration
Come  expand your awareness breathe deeply, do your best, notice immediate positive results.

YoChi  for Health Level 1 Beginners Tuesday Mornings 11: 30  am to 12:30  noon 

The best of both powerful and ancient practices: 

​Reap the benefits of gentle rhythmic movements, in this unique blend of Yoga and Qigong beginner level you will learn basic principles, postures and breathing techniques that will keep your body and mind in optimum condition.  This class is suitable for all people of all
ageswho are ready to make 
a commitment to become more flexible and to gently strengthen all body systems. 

​" MORE Strength MORE Flexibility MORE Balance - Reduce Aches and Pains " 
​LOCATION :  Plaza Pointe Claire     245 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1

​8 class pass $99   16 class pass $180    ( DROP IN  $15 at the door ) 
ONE FREE TRIAL CLASS   please call ahead to confirm your attendance  ( 514 )231.5513
​Bring your own Yoga Mat, comfortable shoes and water bottle 

16 Class Pass

Hurry and secure your spot classes fill up fast.   Location  173A #3 Cartier, Pointe Claire Village 

Optimize you Brain

Cranial Tune Up

Learn the anatomy of the cranium, increase your understanding of basic principles of how the brain works and achieve optimum performance.

Mindfulness practices are now scientifically proven to have positive effects on the mind.  It can lengthen telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that get worn from stress. Meditation also activates brain circuits associated with being happy, energized and enthusiastically engaged in life.  

​​​Feel Your Chi

​It's an introductory class to an ancient oriental practice for optimum health. For thousands of years this ancient art has
been practiced to quiet the mind , calm the body and nourish the immune system. In this class you learn basic but powerful Qi Gong movements. 

There will be time to practice using our newly gathered CHI for deep calm and serenity to your entire being.  

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